Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine
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We offer our more than 25 years of experience in machine manufacturing to the benefit of our customers.

We dominate what we do, we work meticulously and we produce high quality services for our customers.

Our primary goal is the understanding of high efficiency. We shape our entire working system in line with achieving this goal.

In all our production processes, we optimize the costs in line with the benefits of our customers and offer affordable solutions.
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  • 1 Year Warranty
    Our technical experts serve all over the world. Spare parts are sent from our factory in Karaman.
  • Free Technical Support
    We have Turkish and English speaking technical experts ready to answer you by phone, e-mail or various messaging programs (WhatsApp, Viber and Skype).
  • Commissioning and Supervision Services
    Installation and personnel training are carried out at your facilities for 2 days. General information about the safe operation and maintenance of the machine is given.
  • Post-Warranty Services
    Free remote technical support is provided for the entire service life of the machine. After the warranty period, we offer maintenance, repair and renewal services and provide all kinds of spare parts.